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Arenas Del Mar is Costa Rica’s first and only hotel that combines 5 Stars and 5 Sustainability Leaves (the highest rating possible in both categories). Both certifications were awarded by the Costa Rican Tourism Ministry ICT. Please read through the experiences of other guests - honeymooners, a couple of sophisticated mature travelers, and a family with children - to get a better idea if “Arenas Del Mar person” is for you. Or check out our Trip Advisor page.

Romantic Travelers

Name: Andrea and Robert Toser
Age: 27 (Andrea), 31 (Robert)
Profession: Executive Recruiter (Andrea) and Attorney (Robert)
From: Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Robert: We decided to go to Costa Rica for our honeymoon because we had heard so many great things from our fellow friends. We were looking for a place that would allow us to relax by the beach and hang out doors while still providing us with a certain level of comfort. Arenas Del Mar was a great find.

Andrea: The location was absolutely incredible. We had views of the surrounding Pacific ocean and access to the most beautiful private beach. The food was absolutely incredible as well: monkeys were swinging by while we ate breakfast!

Sophisticated Mature Travelers

Name: Allison and Gregory Christensen
Age: 58 (Allison), 60 (Gregory)
Profession: Retired School Teacher (Allison) and Commercial Real Estate Developer (Gregory)
From: Austin, Texas, USA

Allison: Our kids had recently gone on a trip to Costa Rica and couldn't stop raving about how beautiful it was. We had never been to Central America and decided to give it a shot. They recommended visiting Manuel Antonio due to its beautiful beaches and wildlife. We found Arenas Del Mar on the internet and couldn't have been more pleased with our experience.

Gregory: The guided hikes were absolutely incredible. Our nature guide was so knowledgeable and enthusiastic. We were able to see so many different animals such as monkeys, sloths, iguanas and more. And the hikes were just the right pace: rigorous without being overly strenuous. We were also able to relax in our jacuzzis after a day of hiking, which was a great treat.

Family with Children

Name: Justine, Arnold, William, Jenny and Christopher Johnson
Age: 41 (Justine), 42 (Arnold), 12 (William), 11 (Jenny) and 8 (Christopher)
Profession: Writer (Justine) and Advertising Executive (Arnold)
From: White Plains, New York, USA

Arnold: We have heard so many great things about Costa Rica and were so excited for this trip. Arenas Del Mar really gave us the opportunity to do everything we wanted: rainforest hiking, horseback riding, surfing and so much more. We even went on one of those canopy tours. It was the perfect place for all of us.

Justine: The accommodations were absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I had never seen such breathtaking views in my entire life. Plus, we were all able to find things that we liked. I was able to relax by the beach with Christopher while Arnold, Jenny and William took surfing lessons. We were also able to go on some incredible hikes together in Manuel Antonio National Park. We loved every second of our trip.

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