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What to Bring?

The resort’s dress code is informal. Guests are encouraged to bring lightweight, casual clothing, sunscreen, a bathing suit, sturdy shoes or hiking boots for activities and nature hikes. Don’t worry about bringing extra clothing, since the lodge offers laundry service.

What to Bring?

What is the weather like at
Arenas del Mar?

Since we are located right in the tropics, and close to the Equator, Costa Rica is considered a Rainforest and/or a Very Humid Tropical Forest country. It has two well defined seasons: dry season from December to April and Rainy Season from May to November. July and August are typically wet months all over Costa Rica however, the rain, especially on the Pacific coast, occurs during the afternoon or evening. Warm temperatures are characteristic throughout the year. Spectacular view picture. 

What is the weather like at Arenas del Mar?