Arenas del Mar - The national bird is the Yigüirro

Clay Colored Robin

Scientific Name: Turdus grayi

Name is Spanish: Yigüirro 

From our 886 species of birds this may not be the most beautiful but is surely one of the most appreciated ones. Our grandparents used to say that its song calls the rain! Yigüirro have more than 7 different songs, but there is one they specifically use when it is about to rain. Farmers recognize this call and know when rain is coming, before the breezes and the dark clouds announce it. The Yigüirro song is also considered good luck and blessing.

Another fact is that yiguirros sing a lot and they do it because this is the bird that practices more “extra couple encounters”, meaning that both females and males look to mate with other yiguirros besides their couple as much as possible. That’s why they sing all day long to mark territory and to keep competition away, or call other lovers.  In spite of their promiscuity, divorse is not common with the yiguirros, I mean, they stay with their monogamous couple all their lives, making nests every season, and raising the offsprings. What happends is that 60% of the time the father will take care of kids that are not his.