Everyone has a different idea of the perfect vacation. At Arenas del Mar, we have the adventure, luxury and cuisine to perfectly meet every traveler’s expectations, making it a destination that many rank as a 5-star resort!

We’ve been providing unforgettable vacations to our guests for years, and with that, we’ve come to find what the questions are that every traveler should ask before choosing their resort. We feel that when a resort meets these three needs, they’re the perfect fit for that couple or family!



Every couple or family has a different idea of the perfect room, especially if they’re seeking a 5-star resort experience. Some may require a separate living space from the sleeping area, or two bathrooms to better accommodate the people within your party, and personal space.

We feel that travelers should assess the below when deciding if the room’s at their chosen resort will make the cut:

Sleeping Area Vs. Living Area

Arenas del Mar has a variety of room options, but our most popular option includes a bedroom with private bathroom and entrance to the patio. This room also includes a separate living area which can also be used as a sleeping area for guests. This area contains the Tico Bar, an entrance to the patio and a second full bathroom.

The View

If you’re traveling to Costa Rica, odds are you’re looking for a view from your room to enjoy while drinking fresh Costa Rican coffee in the morning, or watching the sunset with a glass of wine in the evening. At Arenas del Mar, we offer many views—whether it’s the premium ocean view, or the rainforest, we’re confident you’ll be happy and relaxed on your patio.

Room Location

How big is the resort you’re interested in staying at—and are you able to navigate the grounds? Some hotels cover a great amount of landscape, which results in a lot of walking. Arenas del Mar is situated in the rainforest, which means the resort’s grounds are built among nature. The result is winding trails that go up and down. Some of our guests walk the grounds to and from the pool, restaurant and lobby, but they also take advantage of our staff’s promptness in picking them up at the door of their hotel room and driving them on a golf cart to their destination.


Not all hotels in Costa Rica have beach access—some offer a million dollar view, but you can’t easily dip your ties in the ocean. If this is important to you, make sure to research accommodations on the hotel website, or ask the reservation staff.

Thankfully, Arenas del Mar has the best of both worlds—a view that’s included in 1,000 Places to See Before You Die, as well as two beach accesses. One of our beaches is semi-private, while the other is access to the public beach that will lead you to Manuel Antonio National Park.


If you’re celebrating your honeymoon or anniversary, it’s probably safe to say that you don’t want to visit a hotel with waves of children. But if you’re on a family vacation, you need to find a resort that will accommodate your taste and preferences, while also being family-friendly.

Arenas del Mar is unique in that we are family-friendly, but the couples staying with us would never say that there were too many children. And the parents would never comment that the resort is not appropriate for their family. How? Our boutique hotel is so intimate that at times, you feel like you’re the only one here! With two pools, guests have options of where to lounge. And with two beaches and multiple seating options, you have space and serenity!


When you’ve assessed these three areas and found a resort that meets your expectations for each, it’s time to plan your stay! You may also want to ask the guest services staff at the hotel if they assist in transportation to the hotel, as this can be difficult at times if you do not have something arranged.

Arenas del Mar handles our guest’s experience from the moment they exit the airport! Our luxury vans are available to pick up guests upon arrival and transport them to our resort. Since the drive is another couple of hours, we stock our vans with snacks and beverages, which is well deserved after a day of travel!

Upon arrival at our hotel, guests then enjoy a delicious welcome drink as they are led to their room and the adventure, rest and relaxation begins!

Interested in planning a stay at Arenas del Mar. Contact our guest services department at 800-394-5970, or fill out a reservation request form online.