Meet your Chef

Saludos Guests of Arenas Del Mar,

Welcome to this beautiful paradise! Here at Arenas Del Mar, surrounded by the lush rainforest and the beautiful white sands of Manuel Antonio, we value a deep and strong connection to the natural environment. Because of this commitment and our focus on sustainability, we have brought a revolutionary new program into El Mirador, our restaurant. Dock to Dish connects us directly to our local fishermen, ensuring the highest quality and best tasting seafood gets delivered right to our door every day. Thanks to this program, we’ve developed a strong bond with our partners and a better understanding of the fish in our local waters. We’re excited to bring you beautifully crafted dishes featuring our local seafood, as well as the story behind the fisherman who caught it. We believe that this type of traceability is paramount to establishing a sustainable source of seafood from the ocean directly to your plate. Buen Provecho y Pura Vida!

“Replacing mackerel instead of snapper or sea bass for cuminate is a challenge for any chef; the Dock to Dish purpose is to work with unusual species while ensuring the best quality taste,” said Adrian Cérdas, Executive Chef at Arenas del Mar.

Today, the possibility of fishing for these other species allows those that were once abundant to reappear in a progressive way. Mackerel and cuminate are two of those abundant species, which we hope will become more common in restaurants, supermarkets, and homes. This may offer more opportunities for fishing to become once again a way of life for many families.

Almost a year after the introduction of the Dock to Dish program at Arenas del Mar, the level of satisfaction is high. The next steps for the Dock to Dish program is expand it to the other Cayuga Collection properties, growing and benefiting more and more fishermen with this program in Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

On behalf of Captain Santos and our growing alliance of community-based Arenas Del Mar fishermen — we thank you again for your participation and support of the Dock to Dish program, and we look forward to delivering your weekly share tomorrow morning.