Everything you Need to Know About Dock to Dish

It’s not often you dig into a delicious dish that tastes great and  you can feel great about eating. At Arenas del Mar our scrumptious culinary creations are not only bursting with flavour but locally sourced, sustainable, and now Dock to Dish certified. Arenas del Mar is the first Costa Rican resort to partner with Dock to Dish and we couldn’t be more excited. So what exactly is Dock to Dish? Here’s a quick cheat sheet on everything you need to know.

 The Founder

Sean Barrett, life long fisherman from Montauk New York, is the face behind your fresh fish.

Sean Barrett

 How Dock to Dish Came to Be

Barrett happened upon the idea while at an open air eatery on the harbour of Spain’s San Sebastian. From his table, he watched in awe as local fisherman hauled How Dock to Dish Came to Be wicker baskets full of fish straight from the water into the restaurants populating the harbour where they were cooked up and served within seconds.

He returned home hungry for that kind of fresh fish and thought, why not start something similar at home? At the time, the Farm to Table movement was exploding in North America presenting Barrett with the perfect opportunity to follow in their footsteps and start a company that would bring seafood straight from local docs to restaurant dishes. Thus, Dock to Dish was born.

What They Do

Dock to Dish provides local restaurants around the world with fresh, sustainable fish sourced from their own backyards. They are all about fresh food, protecting the environment, and supporting local fishing economies.

What This Means for Arenas Del Mar

As members of Dock to Dish, we will receive deliveries of freshly caught seafood from the fishermen right down the road. The species caught are always local and always delicious, so bring your appetite!
Freshly caught seafood

Why Dock to Dish is a Great fit for Costa Rica

Home to one of the world’s largest populations of marine life, Costa Rica’s vibrant ecosystem is dependent on its fishy friends to maintain the country’s rich biodiversity. Dock to Dish ensures all our sea life is protected by avoiding at risk species and practicing sustainable fishing.

Sea LifeWho Else is Doing It

Dock to Dish is currently operating in New York, Los Angeles, Vancouver, and now Costa Rica!

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