First time in Costa Rica? Here’s how to do it Right

Costa Rica is the adventure destination of a lifetime.  With so much to experience in the rainforests and out on the seas, it’s becoming a firm favorite among active travelers from the world round.  With so much going on however, there’s often a risk of doing too much.  Instead of inspiring, trips can become plain old tiring.  So if you’re planning your first time in Costa Rica, follow these two rules for a tropical adventure you’ll remember for all the right reasons.

Costa Rica is an active traveler’s dream destination

Try to Stay Put!

In a country as beautiful and diverse as Costa Rica, it can be tempting to squeeze in as many stops as possible into a visit.  After all, there are volcanoes to climb, waves to surf and sloths to spot in different corners of the nation.  Our tip: don’t bite off more than you can (comfortably) chew!  While multi-stop trips around Costa Rica offer the opportunity to cover a lot of ground fast, they can wear you out and may not be the best use of limited vacation time.

Spend less time traveling and more time exploring

Try to figure out what you’d like to experience then look for one or two destinations that are within easy reach of your bucket list activities.  Manuel Antonio for example is a great choice for first timers.  In this part of the country – famed for both its rainforests and beaches – you can experience the true essence of Costa Rica without having to stray too far.  Whether you’re after world-class wildlife watching, waterfalls and humpback whales, or some rainforest ziplining, hiking and surfing, you’ll find it here.  Cut out hours and hours of unnecessary travel time and replace them with Costa Rican adventures you’ll be talking about for years to come.

Enjoy the true essence of Costa Rica in Manuel Antonio

Stick to the Lunchtime Rule

Just as you might want to visit as much of the country as possible, you may also want to spend every moment of your day out and about.  It’s easy to feel bad about lazing around when there’s a whole rainforest to explore surrounding you.  Rest assured though, relaxation time in Costa Rica is still time well spent.  Running from activity to activity can be stressful, and even the most active travelers need some chill time.

Arenas del Mar Beachfront Dining

Stick to the Lunchtime Rule for the best Costa Rica vacation

When we help our guests plan their stays in Manuel Antonio we advise them to try and make it back for lunch on the beach.  This Lunchtime Rule is a great way to keep a vacation balanced and to make sure you get a real taste of the laidback Costa Rican “pura vida” lifestyle alongside your activities.  What’s more, an afternoon on by the ocean in Costa Rica is often an effortless opportunity to see monkeys, sloths and almost certainly some impressive surfing.  Wasted time, we think not!

Arenas del Mar Secluded Beach

Relaxing beach time in Costa Rica is time well spent

Ready to experience Costa Rica the right way? Chat to our Travel Advisors here and allow them to put together a fully personalized itinerary just for you.  Remember to stay at least 4-5 nights to fully soak up the Manuel Antonio experience before dashing to the next destination – pura vida!