Tennessee native Iris Kampbell first fell in love with mixology while creating cocktails at Woodfire Grill in Atlanta, Ga. She found a passion for working with the seasonal and local ingredients Chef Michael Tuohy was incorporating into his dishes. In 2010, she took her skills and made the leap from humidity and southern hospitality to the hustle and bustle of Philadelphia, Pa. Since her arrival she created drinks at White Dog Cafe, and recently moved to work as a manager for Chef Chip Roman(Blackfish,Mica). Kampbell is already inspired by Roman, and hopes to hone her skills with new and innovative culinary techniques that can be incorporated in her delectable cocktails. Her love of fine spirits does not lessen her love for craft beer and wine. Kampbell’s drinks are skillfully crafted and appeal to the pallet of the most advanced or least experienced taster. She is currently working towards the advanced certificate of The Wine and Spirits Education Trust(WSET).