Stoical and straightforward, Jeremy Nolen does not mince words, especially on the subject of his beloved German cuisine. Jeremy’s deep-seeded interest in German food stems from his family. Father Ron Nolen, trained in classical French and European techniques, was an acclaimed chef in the Reading, Allentown/Bethlehem area in Pennsylvania. Chef Ron imparted his love of artisan charcuterie, ethnic cuisines, and hand crafted foods to his son at a young age. Family trips to Europe enhanced Jeremy’s palette and wanderlust. The Nolen’s went beyond the typical American tourist family to discover cuisine by seeking out off-the-beaten-path ethnic neighborhoods and their butcher and specialty shops with meats salted, smoked, and cured in traditional ways. Visiting spread out family year after year, Jeremy grew up eating in local bistros and restaurants throughout the United States and eventually Europe, including German, France, England, Ireland, Luxembourg, Belgium, and the Netherlands and identifying those experiences as the fabric of his cooking passion.