Manuel Antonio is one of the best towns to truly feel and see what Costa Rica is all about. You’ll be able to experience diverse wildlife, Costa Rican culture, the rainforest and the ocean—all in one place.

We’re proud to call Manuel Antonio our home, and we can’t wait to share it with you! Here’s our top 5 reasons Manuel Antonio is must visit destination in Costa Rica:


Costa Rica isn’t a huge country, but with the mountainous and biodiverse landscape, transportation can be tricky depending on where you travel within the country. When traveling to different parts of the country, you can opt to travel by bus, rental cars, flight or personal driver. Depending on your destination, a short flight can be easier than an 8+ hour drive!

Luckily, Manuel Antonio is only a short two and a half hour drive from the main airport of San Jose. You can also take a quick flight to the nearby Quepos airport.

At Arenas del Mar, we’re happy to arrange transportation to pick you up and drop you off at the airport. Our luxury vans come equipped with in car wifi, snacks and a smile!


With the Manuel Antonio National Park nestled within the town, you’ll experience wildlife throughout your stay. From iguanas to monkeys, you will have a first hand experience with the diverse wildlife that lives within Manuel Antonio.

Here at Arenas del Mar, you can experience monkeys, sloths, lizards and more right on our property—and many species from your room balcony! Each of our luxury suites is situated within our 11 acre rainforest preserve, where you are often up close to the wildlife. Schedule a night walk or a bird watching tour and experience a guided tour of our property’s wildlife.

Wildlife is an exciting part of Manuel Antonio


Not only is the wildlife an exciting part of Manuel Antonio, but the rainforest alone is a thriving and beautiful ecosystem. From palm trees to exotic flowers, you are surrounded by Earth’s creation, and you will feel the energy of all of the living beings. Pick fruit from the trees, and take countless photos of the natural environment that Costa Rica is known for.


Manuel Antonio sees a pretty consistent coastal climate, with high temperatures and humid conditions throughout the year. As a coastal town, you will enjoy ocean breezes and breathtaking sunsets over the water.

Manuel Antonio experiences a dry and green season. Green season, or rainy season, is from May through November. You will experience sunny days, as well as rainfall during these times. Generally, mornings are bright and beautiful, but afternoons and evenings can bring heavy rain. It’s one of the best times to see the rainforest!

During dry season, you will have bright and sunny days with high temperatures. If you’re looking for a lot of sun and beach time during your visit, book your stay from December to April!

The only beachfront hotel in Manuel Antonio


As a tourist area, Manuel Antonio is a great place to interact with locals and learn more about the Costa Rican culture—you’ll experience Pura Vida first hand! Buy handcarfted items from local artisans and eat authentic cuisine from natives. We invite you to ask questions and get to know us!

At Arenas del Mar, we want you to feel like your part of our family, and leave with a few new friends.

Great place to interact with locals


We know there are many hotel options in Manuel Antonio, but our unique properties offers amenities other hotels don’t have. Experience all of Manuel Antonio’s culture, nature and wildlife right from our property.

Start planning your trip! Contact our guest services department at 800-394-5970, or fill out a reservation request form on online.