Growing up in West Chester, Pennsylvania, Monica Glass was always happiest in the kitchen by her mother and father’s side. Her passion for cooking carried on through college, earning Monica the nickname “Chef Moni” among her Penn State classmates. Monica’s early gastronomic interest paved the way for a bright future behind the scenes at some of the nation’s premier restaurants.

Upon graduating from Pennsylvania State University, Monica moved to New York City to embark on a career in public relations. But after a brief stint in the corporate world, she realized she felt more at home in front of an oven than behind a desk. Monica set out to improve her culinary skills with an apprenticeship under Deborah Racicot, executive pastry chef at New York City’s Gotham Bar and Grill. After seven months of moonlighting as an extern, Monica enthusiastically joined the team at Gotham Bar and Grill full time.

Her aspirations to constantly learn from the best led Monica to Le Bernardin where she continued to develop and refine her skills under Executive Pastry Chef Michael Laiskonis. Monica spent a year perfecting her classical techniques at Le Bernardin before transitioning into a new role as pastry chef at 10 Arts Bistro & Lounge by Eric Ripert at The Ritz Carlton Philadelphia.

At 10 Arts, Monica turned out creative yet approachable takes on traditional pastry dishes alongside Executive Chef Eric Ripert. Her playful creations ranged from homemade ice creams like her Tastykake flavor atop the restaurant’s chocolate peanut confections, to light-as-air warm beignets.

Eager to take on a new challenge, both professionally and personally, Monica opted for another change of pace in the fall of 2012, moving to Boston to take on the role of Pastry Chef at Boston’s Clio Restaurant. Known for their use of unconventional ingredients, tools and instruments, Monica was keen to grow her knowledge of the pastry arts at Clio and explore collaborative efforts with Executive Chef Ken Oringer, as well as the innovative bar staff. At Clio, Monica creates desserts that tell a story and serve as a seamless finish to sentences started by Clio’s savory meals.

A testament to her ongoing pursuit of culinary challenges, Monica translates her own battle with a gluten allergy into a broad menu of gluten-free morsels to cater to others with celiac disease, matched by equally indulgent assortment of wheat-inclusive sweets.