The rich wildlife and colorful flora of our rainforests may steal the spotlight at Arenas del Mar but we love introducing our guests to Costa Rican culture. Rooted in folkloric tales, myths and legends, it’s a fascinating window into the country’s centuries-old customs.

Discover Costa Rica’s customs and traditions at Arenas del Mar

The masquerade is one of these vibrant traditions, which originally comes from Carnival, the costumed feast that the Spanish brought to the shores of Central America. But even pre-Columbian tribes in Costa Rica had their own masked rituals so this tradition spans many generations. Today, masked parades are a cultural highlight of a visit to Costa Rica, taking place several times a year and featuring a mesmerizing mix of contemporary and ancient traditions.

Due to the popularity of costumed parades in Costa Rica, the craft of mask-making is particularly revered and celebrated. For a glimpse at this important aspect of Costa Rican culture, once a week we offer a masquerade workshop to our guests. We invite one of the local artisans to show guests how these colorful masks and figures are made. Guests can even give it a try at making a mask themselves.

Enjoy local performances from the talented Legends of Quepos at Arenas del Mar

We do more to shine a light on Costa Rican culture. Three times per month, we set up a stage in the lobby area of our restaurant and showcase the Legends of the Quepos area in a 70-minute performance. This contemporary dance spectacle takes our guests through events that have shaped the identity of local people, sprinkled with Costa Rican legends and fantasy tales. An entertaining way to get to know the traditions and stories of the central Pacific coast area, this spectacle is a guests’ favorite.

You can’t leave Costa Rica without a close look at its culture. At Arenas del Mar, we make sure you get that look.