Steven Howells is currently the Chef de Cuisine at Blackfish restaurant in Conshohocken.From a young age, Steve had known that he liked working with his hands. The idea of sitting behind a desk all day was not one that appealed to him. He began working in restaurants as a dishwasher at the age of 16. From then on, Steve progressed through the kitchen, working many stations. This led to his attending The Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College, a well respected culinary school for kitchen professionals in the Philadelphia area.Upon graduation, Steve began working at the Adams Mark Hotel, under the tutelage of Chef Vince Alberici. From there, he worked for Chef Jim Coleman at the Blue Bell Country Club in the Philadelphia suburbs. Steve then accepted a position as Sous Chef at The Blue Horse in Blue Bell, PA. There, he met his future wife and joined her in moving to San Francisco. While in San Francisco, Steve worked under Chefs Quinn and Karen Hatfield at Cortez. Steve returned to Philadelphia for a short time, where he worked for Guillermo Pernot at Pasion. He kept up correspondence with the Hatfields and followed them to Los Angeles, when they asked him to be their Sous Chef. The restaurant, Hatfields, earned critical acclaim in the bustling Los Angeles food scene, as well as a Michelin Star. After a year and a half, Steve felt the East Coast calling. He returned to Philadelphia and worked at James on 8th. He then accepted a position with Chip Roman at Blackfish, where he quickly became the Chef de Cuisine.Steve lives in Philadelphia, with his wife and son.