Why is our Staff so Good at Arenas del Mar?

We’ve been around for just over a decade, perched on our cliffside spot enjoying the best views in all of Manuel Antonio.  Over the years our look has changed, our restaurants have become two of Costa Rica’s finest, and our experience has evolved.  But one thing stays constant: our staff.  Since day one they’ve consistently delighted, served with a big old smile, and made our guests feel truly part of the Arenas del Mar family.  Now with our management company – the Cayuga Collection – nominated in the People category of the World Tourism and Travel Council’s 2018 Tourism for Tomorrow awards, it’s got us thinking – what makes our staff so good after all?

When this is your “office”, it’s only natural to have a happy staff

It would be easy to say that we’ve just got lucky, but in an industry notorious for low employee engagement and high turnover, it’s unlikely to be that.  It’s something about our culture – certainly our warm Costa Rican culture, but even more so our Cayuga.  To sum it up, our employees are as important to us as our guests.  We keep them on year round even during low season, and support them in achieving their professional and personal goals, offering cross trainings and a higher-than-average pay to name a few things.

At Arenas del Mar, our employees are as important as our guests

But still, these are all perks that you might expect from a good employer.  More than anything, we’re committed to our staff as members of the local community and not just as a workforce.  We subsidize their healthcare and we support their side businesses.  And if one of the team is ever in need, they know they can count on their Arenas del Mar family.  A few years back when a member of staff’s house burned down, the rest of the team helped to rebuild it.  Our local suppliers all joined the efforts too.  It was a no-brainer for the whole community.

Arenas del Mar is truly an enjoyable place to work

Arenas del Mar is a genuinely happy and fun place to work.  When Costa Rica reached the final eight of the World Cup, service was suspended and everyone – guests and staff alike – had a mandatory flag painted on their face in celebration.  When we’re a little quieter at the hotel, we invite our staff members to stay with their families and we pamper them like they’re used to doing for our guests.  When our staff knows that they, our suppliers and our environment are treated well, there’s also a certain level of pride involved in the job.  This all makes Arenas del Mar a genuinely happy place to vacation too.  When things are done right, you can feel it in the pura vida energy of the place.

Visit Arenas del Mar in Manuel Antonio for some good pura vida vibes

So if after a long, cold winter you’re in need of some Arenas del Mar style pura vida vibes, come and visit.  Get to know our resort family; take a fishing trip with our Operations Manager; catch a local football game with our Concierges; surf a wave or two with our Bell Boys.  Our staff will make your stay a very special one.