August is a busy month at Arenas del Mar. Down in Manuel Antonio, we’re receiving so many international visitors, and word is, they’ll be hanging around for the next few months! Some have come from as far afield as chilly Alaska and the furthest points of the Southern Hemisphere all in the name of a much-needed tropical vacation. They’re our most loyal visitors, coming every year without fail, always around the same time and always with the whole family in tow! And this August is no exception – at Arenas del Mar we’re delighted to welcome back our Humpback Whales!

You’ll have the perfect view from Arenas del Mar to spot the humpbacks on the horizon

If you ask us, it’s no surprise that these gentle giants migrate to our blissfully warm waters every year! From mid-July through October, hundreds of humpbacks congregate to mate just off our southern Pacific coastline, making it undoubtedly the best place in Costa Rica to spot these majestic mammals. From Arenas del Mar, we offer half-day whale-watching tours during which you may spot humpbacks alongside bottlenose and spotted dolphins too. We’ll take you out by boat in search of those giant flippers and that perfectly-timed shot, not to mention the sunshine and sea breezes too! This extraordinary experience is one definitely worth traveling for.

Take a whale-watching tour from Arenas del Mar and you might even see dolphins too!

Take a whale-watching tour from Arenas del Mar and you might even see dolphins too!

Back onshore at the resort, things are looking greener and lusher than ever thanks to the afternoon rain-showers. It’s a time when everything comes alive and the rainforest’s beauty and unruliness can really shine. We call it the Green Season, where all our resident monkeys, sloths and iguanas are out in full force too, filling up on the abundance of fruit, seeds and berries that grow around the hotel. With so much wildlife scampering around, this season is a joy for wildlife lovers!

Our cute, mischievous local residents play around all day long in the trees at Arenas del Mar. Keep your eyes peeled for monkeys, sloths and iguanas in our rainforest!

Calling all whale-watchers and sloth-seekers this August, take a leaf out of the humpbacks’ book and make the trip down to Manuel Antonio, however far you have to come! Stay for a while and we’ll make sure you have such a memorable visit that you’ll just have to return the following year.