With most hotels in the Manuel Antonio area, one has to choose between the view and the beach. At Arenas Del Mar we are blessed to have both. Our property is nestled high enough in the rain forest to enjoy stunning views of the Pacific and Manuel Antonio National Park, while low enough to walk to the two beautiful beaches right in front of our property: Playa Espadilla and Playitas Beach. Both beaches have the coveted and prestigious Blue Flag Award, which guarantees that you are visiting a safe and clean public beach. At both beaches we provide beach chairs, towels, fresh water and a security guard to watch your things while you swim. Don’t feel like walking? Call one of our electric golf cars to deliver you to and from the beach.


Espadilla BeachThis is a stunning beach on the south side of the grounds with natural rock outcroppings protecting warm tide pools and where tropical shore birds are seen to roost. The natural jungle which surrounds Arenas Del Mar touches the sand, offering natural shade where you can relax in comfort while watching the glorious panorama of the waves breaking onto the shore. This beach is 2 kilometers long and connects to the National Park, which makes it ideal for taking a long walk or run and yet is secluded and offers spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean with its 85 degree water. We recommend this beach for those with children and for guests who would like to take walks, swim or surf and enjoy the wonderful view of the National Park, at the end of the bay. If you wish to use this beach we will take you and pick you up by electric car or you are welcome to walk the road to a lovely path through the jungle which arrives at the entrance to the beach. If you plan on spending the day, we can pack a lunch for your family so you can enjoy the whole day uninterrupted at this beautiful sandy beach. Bathrooms are located at our Welcome Pavilion, which is only 100 meters from the entrance.


Espadilla BeachThis is a spectacular, cozy beach on the north side of the grounds which ends at Punta Quepos, a peninsula of primary forest and beautiful rock formations. Surrounded by trees, there are beach chairs that can be set up in the sun or the shade—the perfect place for lounging. In either case, we have staff on hand to help you. Our Playitas restaurant and pool, along with a private bathing house (for a quick shower), are located right behind this beach. Don’t want to move? We provide drink service to Playitas beach.

Please be aware that both beaches at times have rip tides and it is best to swim during low tide.

For details on beach safety in Costa Rica please click here.