Nature Conservation

Arenas Del Mar Beach & Rainforest Resort

Nature Conservation

Nature conservation has been an integral part of our sustainable philosophy since day one. Learn how we approach our natural surroundings and environment.

Arenas Del Mar Beach & Rainforest Resort

Private Nature Reserve


Sometimes, Arenas Del Mar feels more like a nature
reserve than a hotel!

Arenas Del Mar is set within 11 acres of private nature reserve. The hotel itself covers less than 25 per cent of the property, and the remainder acts as a biological corridor for wildlife, connecting the areas surrounding Manuel Antonio National Park.

20 years ago, our plot of land was a plantain farm. Not the lush Rainforest it is today. Over the last two decades, we have successfully reforested the area, planting 7,000 native trees and thousands of endemic plants that would have been found here originally.

Arenas Del Mar Beach & Rainforest Resort

Manuel Antonio National Park


Keeping Costa Rica’s most popular national park clean
is a big job!

Twice a month, many of our staff members volunteer to clean up and maintain one of the principal nature trails at Manuel Antonio National Park.

We make sure the whole length of Espadilla Beach from the resort to the National Park is clean and free of garbage too!

Arenas Del Mar Beach & Rainforest Resort

Best Conservation Practices


How we’ve managed to build conservation into our Hotel

In designing and building Arenas Del Mar, nature conservation has always been front of mind. A very limited number of trees were cut down during the construction process, and since then, 7,000 more have been planted.

You’ll notice that several roofs have trees penetrating their eaves, and other areas like the Mirador Restaurant incorporate trees into their spaces.

On our 11 acres, you’ll see plants that are almost exclusively native to this region of Costa Rica. These plants naturally flourish in our climate, requiring drastically less water and no chemical fertilizers or pesticides. They also attract plenty of local wildlife.

We’ve also utilized discarded plastic bags from the banana industry for some of our roofing, and our electricity systems are located underground so as not to interfere with any wildlife.

Our Commitment to Conservation

“It’s apparent that every inch of Arenas Del Mar was perfectly planned taking into consideration the natural beauty of the area. The entire hotel was built with sustainability in mind and just flows into its surroundings… the iguanas, sloths, monkeys, etc. clearly are not disturbed by its presence!”

– Tiffany, Pennsylvania

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