You Deserve the Beach, the Rainforest,
And So Much More

Arenas Del Mar Beach & Rainforest Resort

Wildlife Right Here at the Resort

Arenas Del Mar is a wildlife lover’s dream. Simply one of the best hotels for wildlife-spotting. That’s because we’re located within an 11-acre private rainforest reserve — we’re part luxury beach hotel and part rainforest safari!

From sloths and monkeys to toucans, anteaters, iguanas and crabs, there’s so much to spot right here.

Our land acts as a biological corridor for the abundant wildlife of the Manuel Antonio area, meaning there’s seldom a day without some kind of major wildlife action.

And best of all, the animals that swing by are far from shy.

You’ll see them without having to search – at breakfast, the beach, and everywhere in between. In fact, it’s not uncommon to see more wildlife in our quieter parcel of rainforest than in nearby Manuel Antonio National Park itself.

Arenas Del Mar Beach & Rainforest Resort

Wildlife Watching at its Best

Experience Luxury in the Rainforest

“The animals don’t know where Manuel Antonio National Park stops and where the resort starts, so sloths, iguanas, birds and monkeys roam everywhere.”

– Audrey, Ohio

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