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Arenas Del Mar Beach & Rainforest Resort

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Flexible Booking Policies

We’ve amended our booking & cancellation policies for travel through October, 2024.

Payment due dates are as follows:

  • Wildlife Season Reservations – 30 days prior to check-in
  • High Season Reservations – 60 days prior to check-in
  • Holiday Season Reservations – 90 days prior to check-in with 25% confirmation deposit 120 days prior to check-in
Once paid, reservations that are canceled or adjusted before 30 days will receive a credit with the hotel, valid for use within one year of the original date of stay, any adjustment or cancelations later than 30 days of the reservation will be fully penalized.

We’re located in the tropics and close to the equator. Costa Rica is considered a rainforest country and warm temperatures are characteristic throughout the year. There are two well-defined seasons:

Dry Season: December – April
Green Season: May – November

The Green Season rain, especially on the Pacific coast, typically occurs during the afternoon or evening and is “warm”. We experience a short mid-year mini Dry Season towards the end of July and beginning of August when rainfall decreases significantly for 3-4 weeks. The rainiest months are September and October, especially in the south Pacific region.


Avg. Max. Temp. (F)878789898987878686868686
Avg. Min. Temp696971717171696971717169

Note: The climate in San José is often very different to the coastal regions. A medium-weight fleece jacket is highly recommended for cooler nights in and around the capital.

Below are some general visa guidelines, but please check with your airline or travel agent to confirm your legal requirements for entering Costa Rica. All visitors to Costa Rica need a passport valid for at least 3 months at the date of entry.

  • Visa not required for nationals of the USA, Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea (Rep), Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Trinidad & Tobago, Uruguay, and the UK and its dependencies for stays of up to 90 days.
  • Visa not required for nationals of Antigua & Barbuda, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Chile, Dominica, El Salvador, Estonia, Grenada, Guatemala, Guyana, Honduras, Iceland, Ireland, Jamaica, Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, Russia, St Kitts & Nevis, St Lucia, St Vincent & The Grenadines, San Marino, Singapore, Slovak Republic, South Africa, Suriname, Taiwan, Turkey, Vatican City and Venezuela for stays up to 30 days.

Arenas del Mar can be reached either by plane or by car from the capital city, San Jose. We’re happy to arrange all domestic transportation for you – just let us know! You can find more detailed information on travelling to the resort on our dedicated Getting Here page.

Hotel Related Questions

Arenas Del Mar is not an all-inclusive resort. Rooms rates include a complimentary a la carte breakfast, but should guests stay in for lunch, dinner or drinks, all food and beverages consumed will be charged at check out. We find that this offers our guests more flexibility to explore the wide variety of restaurants in Manuel Antonio town if they wish.

We also offer a Full Board option upon request with lunch at Playitas Beach and dinner at our upper outlet, El Mirador Restaurant & Bar. Each meal includes an appetizer, main course, dessert and non-alcoholic beverage. Reach out to us for a quote!

Absolutely! Whether you’re coming with your spouse and the kids, or bringing grandma and grandpa along too, there are endless opportunities for quality family time at Arenas del Mar. Near the resort there are plenty of activities for everyone, especially for kids over six. These include guided tours on rainforest trails, canopy zipline tours and boat excursions. We also have direct access to two beaches and have two pools at the resort. Additionally, many of our rooms are large enough to accommodate whole families, and our restaurants also have kid’s menus.

Get inspired with our example family itinerary here and contact us for a personalized one!

Yes! Our amazing beaches and natural setting are perfect for post-wedding relaxation, and our suites even feature private hot tubs. Our boutique resort only has 37 rooms and is very spread out, meaning that there’s privacy for all. You can indulge in couples massages together, and enjoy a private candlelit dinner on the beach. Our cliffside location also makes for the most romantic sunsets in Manuel Antonio. With so much to do around the resort, you’ll really be able to create new memories together at Arenas del Mar.

Let us plan the honeymoon or romantic getaway of your dreams!

As much as we love animals, we operate a no pets policy in order to minimize disruption to the ecosystem in which we operate, and to the wild animals including sloths, monkeys and iguanas that call Arenas Del Mar home. Thank you for your understanding.

This depends on which season you’d like to stay at Arenas del Mar. Generally for High and Holiday Season, we recommend booking at least 6 months in advance. From April through November, we suggest booking a few months in advance to avoid disappointment.

We recommend staying at least 4-5 nights, and many guests stay with us for a full week. That way you’ll be able to take advantage of everything there is to experience in Manuel Antonio, and still have time to relax and enjoy our beaches.

On the contrary, our guests often find that there’s so much to do and not enough time to do it all in! Whether you’re looking for adventure, wildlife, water sports, culture, or a unique mix, there’ll be something to do in Manuel Antonio.

Take a look at our Activities & Tours page for inspiration!

Yes. Our rooms have full air conditioning and large ceiling fans too. Some of our guests however prefer to open the large sliding doors to their private terraces and fall asleep with the ocean breezes.

Yes. There is complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the resort, and cell phone reception is good. Both international and local calls are also free of charge for guests.

Yes. We are committed to creating a culinary experience for each and every one of our guests, and strive to accommodate all dietary requirements. Our menus include a number of vegetarian and vegan options, and for gluten intolerant guests we have a dedicated menu. For other allergies or needs, feel free to get in touch and ask us about accommodating your specific requirements. We believe that good food is for everyone!

Yes. The water at Arenas del Mar and across most of Costa Rica is 100% potable. Make sure to bring your refillable bottle – we’re a single-use plastic-free hotel and proud!

We cannot guarantee specific rooms or suites, but in all cases we’ll do our best to accommodate any requests you may have.

We’re lucky to have almost no bugs at Arenas del Mar. Thanks to our hillside location, there is no standing water for mosquitoes to breed, and any that do appear are quickly eaten by wildlife higher up the food chain! Sometimes after periods of extended rains and at dusk you may see a few around, by guests seldom find them bothersome. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to apply insect repellent, especially for hikes and activities in the rainforest and National Park. Where possible, choose a non-aerosol repellent as they contain fewer toxic ingredients.

At night, air conditioning and ceiling fans will keep you safe from bugs.

You’ll see lots, and you’ll be close! Arenas del Mar sits within an 11-acre private nature reserve that acts as a biological corridor for wildlife, connecting the areas surrounding Manuel Antonio National Park. Whatever you can see in the Park, you can see even closer at the resort: two and three toed sloths, squirrel, howler and white-faced monkeys, giant iguanas, anteaters and more.

Explore the wildlife at Arenas del Mar here

We have direct access to two beaches: Playitas and Espadilla. Both can be reached by foot or by electric car. We do not advise swimming at the beaches although paddling and playing in the waves near the shore is safe. The waters are more suitable for surfing: waves can be big and riptides are possible. For swimming, guests can enjoy our two pools at the resort.

Read more about our beaches and pools!

Excellent! Directly below Arenas del Mar is Espadilla Beach. It’s well known for hosting international surfing competitions and for its mid-sized tight break. If you’d like to catch a wave or two, we have surfboards at the resort and would be happy to set up lessons for you. We also offer stand-up paddleboarding for a more relaxed way to enjoy our beaches.

We’re sure you’ll love the food at Arenas del Mar, but if you want to venture out, there are numerous restaurants in Manuel Antonio and Quepos. They’re all just a short taxi ride away.

If you would like to explore the town, we can arrange a taxi for you (typically ~$12 one way). Alternatively, you can take the scenic route during the day and walk down Espadilla Beach to Manuel Antonio town (around 20 mins).

Our dress code is informal. We encourage you to bring lightweight, casual clothing, sunscreen, a bathing suit, and sturdy tennis shoes or hiking boots for activities. If you’re visiting during Green Season, we recommend also bringing a light rain jacket. Don’t worry about bringing spare clothing, since we offer a laundry service.

Check in is from 3pm. If you should arrive earlier at Arenas del Mar, we will do everything possible to have your room ready. However, if you do have to wait for your room, you won’t have to wait to start your vacation: go ahead and take a dip in the infinity pool or enjoy some lunch at the beach!

Check out is at 11am. If you would like to leave later in the day, please let us know at reception and if possible, we’ll be happy to accommodate you.

While staying at Arenas del Mar, all your expenses can be charged to your room. When you check out, we accept US Dollars, Costa Rican Colones and all major credit cards.

When going on tours or visiting the town of Quepos, carrying some small US Dollar bills is recommended as well as some local currency. Most businesses and restaurants accept US Dollars. Euros and other currencies are not commonly accepted in Costa Rica. We will gladly exchange your US Dollars for Colones at reception.

Tipping is exclusively at your discretion. As all of our staff contributes to your stay at Arenas del Mar, general tips are divided among the whole team. This excludes service staff as by law they automatically receive 10% of all food and beverage purchases. If a particular member of our staff provides exceptional service, you may request a special envelope from the reception and leave a tip for them individually at check out.

Costa Rica has passed strict non-smoking laws which prohibit smoking in public places. Regrettably, you will not be able to smoke on our premises during your stay. Thank you for your understanding.

The electrical current in Costa Rica is 110 volts. The sockets are American-style: standard US two prong plugs (or three pronged if grounded).

At Arenas Del Mar we’re all about natural simplicity. Our interior design is intended to provide luxury, comfort and exclusivity while being true to its natural context, and our spaces will help you experience the relaxing nature of our surroundings.

Arenas Del Mar Resort is independently owned, and the resort is operated by The Cayuga Collection. This Costa Rica based hospitality management company is dedicated to managing and developing sustainable and luxury hotels in Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama.

Read more about the Cayuga Collection here

General Questions

Costa Rica is the ultimate tropical getaway. Home to rainforests, cloud forests, active volcanoes, and both Caribbean and Pacific beaches, the opportunities for exploring are endless. Despite its small size, Costa Rica holds approximately 5% of the world’s biodiversity, making it a dream destination for wildlife lovers too. Sloths, monkeys, scarlet macaws, toucans, quetzals and more are easily spotted in the wild.

Getting around is also hassle-free. Domestic airlines like Sansa  connect all the regions of Costa Rica. The longest internal flight route is under 1 hour. Roads and highways are well-maintained too, and driving between destinations is unlikely to ever take more than 4 hours.

Importantly, Costa Rica is also considered a safe travel destination. We don’t even have a national army!

Manuel Antonio offers about 80% of what might attract you to Costa Rica in the first place. It’s also very accessible – just a 25-minute domestic flight from the capital, San Jose. The area has a charming combination of rainforests, beaches, wildlife, and lots of activities to experience them all. In addition, there’s great variety of restaurants and nightlife too. Manuel Antonio is also home to the most popular national park in Costa Rica for wildlife watching.

In addition to Manuel Antonio, there are many other popular destinations that are worth a visit. We recommend visiting some of the country’s active volcanoes (Arenal, Poás, Irazú, Rincón de la Vieja), Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast – also home to our sister hotel Aguas Claras – and for a very natural experience, a trip up northwest to the cloud forests of Monteverde is well worth it.

The famous Whale’s Tail in Uvita is another popular destination. It’s also the whale-watching capital of Costa Rica during Green Season. We also recommend visiting Puerto Viejo to experience Costa Rica’s Caribbean Coast.

If you’d like some advice on where to combine with Manuel Antonio, we’d be happy to give you some ideas. You can also check out our sister properties in The Cayuga Collection, and design the perfect combination of retreats for you.

To explore the center of San Jose, we recommend staying at Hotel Grano de Oro. This boutique tropical Victorian mansion is within walking distance of the capital’s main attractions and a short way from Juan Santamaría International Airport.

If you are coming from South America, you may need to show proof of a Yellow Fever vaccination. Otherwise, no further immunizations, shots, inoculations or vaccinations are required to enter Costa Rica. However, it would be wise to check with your personal physician for individual recommendations.

There is a hospital about 10 minutes from the hotel, right next to the airport in Quepos. It’s the largest National Hospital outside the Central Valley. Several doctors and pharmacies are on call in Quepos and Manuel Antonio for minor health problems too. Additionally, San Jose is just a 25-minute flight away and has excellent hospitals with doctors often educated in North America and Europe.

We advise taking out comprehensive travel and medical insurance to cover yourself and any dependants/travel companions for the duration of our stay in Costa Rica. As a minimum, this insurance should include:

– emergency evacuation expenses
– medical expenses
– repatriation expenses
– cancellation or curtailment of trip
– damage/theft/loss of personal luggage, money and goods

In case of medical emergencies, most Costa Rican doctors and hospitals expect payment in cash, regardless of whether you have travel health insurance or not. If your health insurance does not cover you for medical expenses while you are abroad, you should consider supplemental insurance. It may also be worth finding out in advance if your insurance plan will make payments directly to providers or if they reimburse you later for any overseas health expenditures.

If you don’t speak Spanish, don’t worry. At Arenas del Mar we speak excellent English, and are happy to teach you some Spanish phrases too! Apart from in the most rural areas of Costa Rica, you should have little problem with language barriers. Many Costa Ricans have at least a basic knowledge of English.

Carbon offsets are voluntary donations that can be made to compensate, or offset, greenhouse gas emissions from transport, electricity use, and other sources. In an effort to promote sustainable development and tourism, the Costa Rican Ministry of Environmental Affairs has created a program in which tourists can compensate the carbon emissions from their international flights by investing in programs that preserve and reforest natural areas within Costa Rica. You can find more information on the program’s website ( or ask us!

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