Youll Never Miss a Sighting
With Our Guides at the Ready

Arenas Del Mar Beach & Rainforest Resort

Our Resident Naturalist Guides

We want you to experience the best of Manuel Antonio — that’s why were the only resort in Manuel Antonio to offer you in-house Naturalist Guides.

Teresa, Ely, Mauricio and Esteban are always at the ready to help you spot monkeys, sloths and other rainforest creatures right here at the resort.

And when its time to venture out to Manuel Antonio National Park and beyond, we’ll host you too.

We host every single tour ourselves. This means you can always expect small, private groups, personalized tours, all the time you need, and an intimate interpretation of the wildlife youll see.

Arenas Del Mar Beach & Rainforest Resort

Our Four Naturalist Guides Will Host You


You Wont Get This From A Stand-Alone Tour Company

“We could not have had a better experience, our guide was exceptionally knowledgeable, passionate and enthusiastic. He also made sure we missed nothing, and again the tour lasted much longer than planned as he worked tirelessly to make sure we saw everything. You wouldn’t get this from a stand alone tour company. He took hundreds of photos on our phones through the telescope, we’re still working through the amazing shots!”

– Nick, London, UK

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